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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Today was another wonderful day, I sometimes think ~"how did I get so lucky?"

Not only do I get to go to work everyday to a place I love, but I also get to see and visit with some of the most wonderful people ever!

I was talking to my friend Sharon tonight, and by the way she hates the picture I posted of her on my blog For Love of Home so I will update it in the near future. She is really pretty and has a sassy new haircut and color.

Anyway I was talking with her and told her about how wonderful my friend Joy is. All of the good words out there like wonderful, sweet, giving, caring, kind, funny, energetic, etc. are made for Joy. She not only built and installed the awning over our garden section, she painted her room, made a cute closet curtain and closet sign for me, sewed an incredible curtain for my wrap stand, and lastly, just today she and her cute son Zack came in and painted the front bedroom for me. She never expects anything for all she does and I feel like I could never repay her, however I am sure whatever it is I can do is going to come my way and somehow I will know it immediately.

Thank you Joy for all you do ~ I appreciate you so much!

Before picture of bedroom with the new pretty yellow paint, I will be working this week to decorate with all new treasures.

Clothespin bag

We have a pair of these adorable rattan lamps, they are perfect for a garden room.

Scoops of fresh lavender

Cute little vintage wooden wheelbarrow

Iron garden hanging planter
Twig shelf with carved birds

Cute glass duck ~ cute filled with Easter candy

Cute animal adorned Easter eggs
Wonderful juice set

Adorable iron garden furniture
Set of twin wicker headboards
Painted garden mirror
Aqua sherbet cups
Tidbit tray

Great old vintage books

Great sale ~ items marked up to 50% off with initials FVA

Reproduction cranberry glass


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I always enjoy the tour when I visit. What a sweet friend to have. Happy Friday, Theresa

Angela said...

Hopefully I will be coming to see you tomorrow. Can't wait!!!