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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Can we hope that spring is really just around the corner? I can't remember a winter in Georgia that has lasted this long.

This week the Plum Tree is blooming with lots of spring finds in hopes that we can turn your gray sky's blue.

The guys...Bob and Mark of Blumen Trio are going to start their work out in the garden this week getting it cleaned up and ready for their spring plants to arrive. Concrete statues, birdbaths, and garden decor is being ordered and should be arriving soon.

Great woven baskets perfect for the front door or over a fireplace
Flowers sold separately

Beautiful vintage mahogany drop side table

Vintage 40's desk

Cat's Rule

Cute Easter Decor

Our new garden room is blooming with great ideas

Unusual Shoe Planters

Chicken wire cloche to protect seedlings in the garden

Garden Perpetual Calenders