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Friday, June 29, 2007

Thursday, June 28th

We wish you all
a very Happy & Safe
Fourth of July!

We entered The Plum Tree in a Fourth of July decorating contest this past week and I have to say, we are so very decked out for the holiday. Cindy found some incredible items to display on our porch ~ it looks like an old fashioned Fourth of July celebration ~ picnic baskets, peanuts, old baseballs and board games . . . and a few comfy pillows to lounge back on after the cookout. What could be better than an old fashioned Fourth of July picnic to celebrate our country's freedom?

Oh, and the contest? We're not sure who won, as there are many stores decorated to the hilt but really, our decorations are for you ~ our customers. For you to enjoy and be reminded of great holidays past and wishing you many more in the future!!

Thursday, June 28th

Cindy has outdone herself with all this great patriotic decorating!!

This neat old bike is loaded up and ready for an old-fashioned picnic!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thursday, June 28th

These beadboard pieces are handmade, each one one-of-a-kind using beautiful old things and sayings to touch your heart.

Thursday, June 28th

So simple, but so beautiful. An old pottery bowl filled to the brim with corks ~

And look at this gorgeous dresser set ~ and how many pieces there are!

One of my favorite new items in the store are these two framed kittens ~ their sweet faces and bodies are embossed into the print . . .

Old musical instruments look wonderful hanging on the wall, or work them into a display on your mantle. And you can't ignore the beauty of old maps ~ beautiful hanging in your office.

Thursday, June 28th

Don't you love vintage fans? Whether they work or not, doesn't place one on top of an armoire nestled into a gorgeous display ~ they take you back to another time.

How amazing is this wonderful old mail bag??

We have a beautiful selection of artwork ~ and the prices are really quite reasonable, too!

Thursday, June 28th

Thursday, June 28th

Thursday, June 28th

Friday, June 22, 2007

Nostalgia . . .

We love old things. We wouldn't be in this business if we didn't. Many times customers come in to The Plum Tree looking for a certain piece of furniture to fit in a particular space they have in mind.

Other customers come in to the store for something to do after they've eaten their lunch. Not quite ready to go back to work or home, they want to stroll the shops in the square and take in McDonough. They might see something they like and purchase it.

But then there are the customers, when they enter our store they are instantly taken back in time. Certain items remind them of their grandmother, a favorite aunt or another special person. They remember visiting and seeing these beautiful items and not really giving them much credit then. But now, as these wonderful people may have passed on before them, they see these items as sweet treasures. Reminders of the people they have loved and seeing these things brings back so many fond memories.

Customers buy these wonderful old items to remind them of good times past and the sweet people that owned them. What a great business to be in . . . the business of memories.