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Friday, May 29, 2009

The Plum Tree blog is supposed to be something where I can show you what new pieces we have as well as what is going on in our little town, not to get on my soapbox. However, this month has been a little more then fun for me.

Remember a few weeks ago I showed you a photo of four adorable little kittens that were born at the Plum Tree. They were the result of someone that does not take proper care of her pets. Well another kitten was born as the result of another cat of hers that is not spayed. He was probably born a few weeks earlier then the other four who's mother was killed.

The other four I surrendered to a kitten rescue where hopefully they will get good homes. This irresponsible pet owner has one more that will be having kittens any day if she hasn't yet. Of course she has a few males of her own as well as every male cat in the county hanging around.

The statistics are staggering on strays and cats that are not spayed or neutered. An adult female cat can reproduce up to 4 times per year, with an average of 1-3 kittens. 97% of those kittens will be female. They can start family's as young as 7 months. Spaying can be done at 4 months and discounts can be gotten through your local veterinarian.

I did not want another cat, nor do I need another one, however when you look into their sweet little faces and know what their life would be if you were to let them alone to spread disease's and die an untimely death the answer is very clear.

Meet Freddie

Please everyone, spay or neuter your pets


If you haven't seen the sun in a while, we have some that may just cheer up your day. Jimmy brought in a lot more of his great recycled creations including these wonderful sunflower yard ornaments. They are going fast so get by soon.



Here is another of his flying pigs, this one is banking a turn while the other one we have is coming in for a landing.

Whoooo Me?

Great architectural pieces for the yard


Here are some more of Joys crazy garden signs, made for outdoor use.

Cute as can be this little terracotta truck planter filled with succulents ready for a nice sunny spot.

More great yard art


Chicken wire cloche


Beaker style bud vases

Look at this great old camera and projector ~ perfect gift for a camera buff or photographer.

This great 1950's bench came from a train station in Bristol VA. Perfect for a porch or sunroom

Mid 19th Century French Curio Cabinet with hand-painted panels.

All original with beveled glass inset mirror and beveled glass door.

Below you can see the detail on the painted panels.

Big old brass clock case perfect for a miniature display.

Adorable 1 drawer cabinet with mirror in the prettiest robins egg blue


Great vintage Asian style 2-drawer chest

Cute cathedral style wall or counter cabinet

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Well another Geranium Festival has come and gone. We had the best time and saw a lot of new faces. I want to thank the girls and Jay bird for coming out to lend a hand. I hope some of you who visited for the first time will make The Plum Tree one of your regular stops. We appreciate your business.
Just in these great prints on canvas. Ready to hang !

Pretty little bird paperweights in four styles

Pretty metal birds with postcard images, fill a bowl or hang on a bunch of branches gathered in a vase

It's hard to imagine that all of these beauties were competing for the same title! I'm glad I wasn't the judge!

Our Goonie bird contest was a hoot. Three very different styles but only one winner. You have to click on the picture to see the detail of each one.

Congratulations Sharon!

Thanks to all of our customers who acted as judges.

Ms. Sew and So by Joy

On the Ball by Kelli

And the winner was Mr. Montague by Sharon

It's not everyday a baseball player comes in. This is Rhett on his way to win the big game, isn't he handsome?

The crowds gathered early, although the sky looked threatening, it was a great day!
We sold lots of garden decor

Friday, May 08, 2009

Today four sweet little babies came into my life. I am not happy about this seeing that I am not the owner of their mama.
The owner of the mama refused to take proper care of her and therefore she produced yet another litter of kittens her third. Unfortunetely she was killed two days ago and since these babies were born at the Plum Tree, I am now taking care of them.
Only about 4 weeks old, they still need to bottle fed, which is quite a chore in itself. However, since I am an animal lover and have five of my own, I will nurture these until I find them a good home.
If anyone our there is interested in one of these sweet little babies, please email me at the Plum Tree. Oh and by the way, the owner of the mama also has 2 other females that will be producing babies any day

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is this Sunday ~ If you can't decide what to get your Mother, remember The Plum Tree offers Gift Certificates in any denomination.
We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that The Geranium Festival is a week from this Saturday. The Plum Tree is getting geared up with lots of new pieces and some great handmade items for your home.
We will be open from 9:00 until... to give you lots of time to browse and get out of the heat.
See you there!
Adorable hand-painted chalkboard

Old Movie Theatre Letters

We currently have a large collection of ironstone dinnerware

Adorable little butter pats


Nice old shaving mirror and men's dressy bow tie from yesteryear

Huge collection of handcrafted necklaces made from the most unusual pieces of found objects
~ Perfect Gift for Mom ~

Bee Keepers or Mosquito helmet with netting
Vintage Chalkboard ~ Great Kitchen Item

Cute old wall cabinet ~ perfect for displaying your favorite pieces

Fancy vintage silhouette plant holders

Wonderful botanical framed prints ~ many to choose from

Bird prints too

Birdcage note or picture holder ~ perfect for a garden shed to keep up with seed packets as shown

Lots of new candle scents