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Friday, March 30, 2007

Can you believe it's now the end of March? I just don't know what happened to these last two months. We're soon decorating the front porch of our little store in a relaxed, restful way. You'll start seeing some cool ideas when you stop by!

Also, Cindy and I both are starting some major renovations of our garden in the next few weeks. We'll be cleaning, planting and rearranging outside so stop in and take a look at our progress in the days to come! As always we'll have a wonderful selection of concrete to add to your beautiful garden.


Don't forget, McDonough's Geranium Festival is Saturday, May 19th this year and we'd love for you to try to make it. There's fun for all so bring the family, check out the great food and we'll all be decked out for this very special day.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Happy Spring!


Each Spring is a brand new beginning
with so much to see and to do.
With new opportunities waiting
to make all our wishes come true.
It's such a good time to plan changes,
to make the fresh start we might need.
To try something different and daring,
to reach for the stars and succeed.
Each Spring is a brand new beginning,
a precious new chance sent our way.
To follow our dreams and fulfill them
with joy in our hearts every day.

By: Emily Matthews

March 22nd, 2007

Decorating Idea of the Week

OK, Cindy and I both had heard of this idea but now that we've seen it, WE LOVE IT! Especially if you have walls that are quite damaged and you need to disguise that fact, this would be a great wall treatment.

We have a large closet in The Plum Tree and we decided to wallpaper it with the pages out of old books. Now, mind you, make sure these books are not valuable first and I know it seems hurtful to tear the sheets out but you can do this. Books with the pages slightly yellowed from age are perfect for that vintage look we love. Look at thrift stores or even for books that are already just falling apart.

We just bought wallpaper paste, tore the sheets out and had them ready, painted on the paste on a spot on the wall, positioned the page and painted another coat of wallpaper paste over top of it. Continue adding pages and position them randomly. Cindy did keep most of the pages level but added a few pieces at an angle. Add photos, pages with illustrations or even other paper items.

Now, I'm not sure it this can be removed though. If the walls were properly sized, then you could probably remove this treatment later. Or maybe you could do this treatment on a large sheet of wood or foam core cut to the size of the back wall of your shelves.
The possibilities are endless!

Cindy did a great job on this wall and the finish is not glossy at all. Also, if we put nail holes in it hanging items we can just slap another page over top of the nail holes and it's good as new!

Sepia, vanilla and muted tones of age

March 22nd, 2007

March 22nd, 2007

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Cherish the simple things

Spring has almost arrived! We have little blooms on our plum tree outside and everything has started to sprout new growth.
Spring is such a sweet time of year ~ all things are new again.

We hope this post finds you and your families well. Take a look at our new photos, we have plenty of new treasures in. We hope to see you soon!

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Thursday, March 15th