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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spring has Sprung

Everything old started out in someone else's hands, either as a treasure found, a gift given or a desire for ownership.

When you choose something old to own, you feel the care and love simply by holding it.

Grandma's apron lasted all these years, stained and yellowed, patched and pressed because it's something you can't let go of, a love you felt for someone and reminder of simpler times.

In celebration of Spring, we have been busy potting up some terrariums, and some very unusual pieces.
Our garden section has expanded with some wonderful things for inside and outside your home.
Hope to see you soon!

Incredible antique typewriter planted with succulents, just mist and watch them grow.

Rooted Curly Maple ~ Ready to plant

Check out this adorable spring plate with birds on a branch ~ by our newest artist Denise.

More Brown Transfer ware


Easter Bonnet?

Fresh from the egg!

New selection of beautiful linens

Lots and Lots of White

Vintage Easter Cards


Lady Em said...

I love the new pictures!! I really love the furry, yellow, chick!! Can't wait to visit ya'll!!

Lady Em said...

You added some pictures!! I'm such a plant addict! I love that typewriter idea, how cool is that? My living room looks like a jungle of plants right now, just the way I like it!!

Wanda said...

Oh, man! I wish I was about 100 miles closer. You're so close, yet so far. The pictures really make me want to shop. And they inspire me as I prepare to open in April. Now I want to totally rearrange what I've already done. LOL


What wonderful container garden planting ideas....Now you have me on the hunt for some vintage treasures that are more unique than the usual. This is my first visit to your blog but will visit often. I am too far away to shop at your store, but know it would be one of my favorites. Judy

das Musenkind said...

Dear Cindy,
today I found your wonderful Webside. I love your style, your pictures and your fantasy! You are at my links.

Best wishes,