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Thursday, January 31, 2008

News from The Plum Tree

This week, please help me welcome Karin of Meandering Travels of Mindless Thoughts to the Plum Tree. Karin is sharing a room with Dawn and she is quite a talented artist so please stop by and see her work.
Welcome Karin!

Also this week Emily and I worked on the new garden section and are very pleased with the way things are turning out. Some of the pieces you will know just where you would want to place them in your garden, others like the one below could take a little imagination, however we have some great ideas to share.

Take a look and enjoy!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Some days you have it and some days you don't, I'm talking about my mind of course. I am not sure why I am getting so scatterbrained lately, but I do and that is why I posted the Plum Tree's blog on my own personal one last week.

So many of you have asked for the color of the walls at the shop, well I have good news and bad. The bad news is that color chip is long gone, however I do have the formulas for either Home Depot or Lowes.

In real life the color is very Robin's Egg Blue, however in some photos it may look a little different.

Okay for Home Depot it is BEHR paint with the following formula.

PermYellow ~ 0-2-1

ThaloGreen ~ 0-12-1

RawUmber ~ 1-21-0

For Lowes Paint it is VALSPAR with the following formula.

101-18.5 103-8.5 107-14.5

Good Luck

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Just a reminder that I am off on my road trip.

I promise I will be bringing back lots of new treasures.

So until then...

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A Change has Arrived

I know I have been talking about painting the main room in the Plum Tree for a while now, well this past weekend it finally happened.

The color I finally decided on is a robin's egg blue which started out in a bedroom in our home to my room at Ms. Wendy's Antiques and now the Plum Tree.

The color is just so refreshing and with the ceiling painted a lighter color as well, it transformed the entire room and has given it such a welcoming feel.

The thing I like most is that all furniture pieces no matter if they are white, brown or black the colors just pop!

Since we had such a wonderful Fall and Christmas season it's time for another road trip.

I will be leaving in two weeks to seek out treasures near and far & have already started a wish list for a few of our customers so if you are looking for something special be sure to let me know before I leave.

Remember I can send you a photo for final approval while I am on the road.

Until then we still have some great finds from our dealers which won't last long. Here are just a few of the newest additions to the store.

This is such an adorable glass front cabinet, it was part of a built in unit but can be hung or set on another piece of furniture. Perfect for collectibles ~ now with a savings of 25%

Our vintage clothing from dolls to adults look beautiful hung on a simple wooden hanger like a piece of art work.
Jeni has been busy making her wonderful handmade note cards. Here is a sample of her newest Valentine ~ perfect tied to a gift for that special someone!

When Sharon brought this metal rack in, I thought it looked like it could have held milk bottles, however I am currently using to hold the Romantic Home magazines that we sell, making it a nifty magazine rack.
The Plum Tree sells Romantic Home for $1.00 off the cover price .

Not only has Jeni been busy making cards, she has been busy with her darling stitcheries. Here is one of her new ones for Valentines.
This photo gives you an idea what the walls look like with the new paint.

People sure do love our Heritage Candles, I was down to two last Friday, but a new shipment just arrived yesterday.

I have added (5) new fragrances too!

Do you have beautiful linens you just hate to store away in a drawer? This neat vintage rack would look beautiful just leaning on a wall showing off what you love.

I just love clocks, working or not they just speak to me. Deborah just brought in a collection of them along with these awesome architectural pieces which are perfect for little pedestals to hold just about anything.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Clean Sweep

This week I have been busy getting the Christmas packed away, cleaning, dusting, patching and moving things around to get ready for the painter this weekend.

I can't believe how many holes were actually in the walls, and I'm still not done, but there is always tomorrow.

After the painting is complete, my plan is to get ready for Spring. As a store owner, I tend to focus more on the seasons, and less on the holidays knowing that my great dealers will fill the store with wonderful things that characterize the holidays. Of course one of our favorites in the store is Spring since the majority of us love gardening and garden related items make such an appealing display that lasts into the late Summer.

If you check out Dawn's blog, The Feathered Nest, you will get a sneak peek of what she will be offering this spring. Her ideas are great, her room will look awesome but that is all I am willing to tell for now.

With things in such disaray, I will wait to post pictures next week, however I do want to show you something I just couldn't pass up. I believe it is all original, not in the worst shape as I have seen some, and it still has it's hose. If you click to enlarge the photo you can see the firemans helmet on top of the bell.

See you soon!