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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I See A Change A Comin...

When I was about 3-years old, we moved from Wisconsin to Hollywood Florida. From almost the time I was old enough to grasp what was going on around me I was intrigued with old buildings and homes. Back in the late 50's and 60's, Hollywood Blvd. from downtown to the beach was lined with beautiful old homes dating back from the early 1900's and after so many hurricanes still stood the test of time.
This postcard is a picture of the old Hollywood Beach hotel that stood tall against the ocean at the end of Hollywood Blvd. right across the bridge from the inter coastal. What a sight it was too, I can just picture the grand parties that were held in it's massive ballroom. A few years back after my class reunion, I stopped in there just to reminisce, after all these years some things never change.

I really try to keep up with what people are looking for. Sometimes I hit the nail on the head and other times I say "what was I thinking?"

I was looking through one of the many magazines I subscribe to and find that some of the trends in home furnishing are changing back to the traditional antiques. What I mean by that is natural woods like oak, pine, mahogany, cherry and so forth.

Now I for one, have always just liked a "vintage look", a little of this and a little of that. Some of my favorite pieces were dug out of someones old barn, and probably ready for the fire pit. I also still love the tone on tone style without a lot of color. However, I am not just furnishing my own home so in order to keep up with today's favorite style, I am bringing in more of the "traditional antiques", but also keeping with the vintage style that everyone still seems to love.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I am very proud of this bedroom set, when I purchased it, I was tempted to tell them to keep the vanity, you would not have believed how bad it looked. But I thought well the least I can do is try and make it presentable and now it is the prettiest piece of the set.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The set consists of a Full Size Bed, Vanity with Mirror and Wardrobe. All pieces match and is a steal at $500.00 for the set

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Burnished design on all three pieces

Cedar lined wardrobe with drawers and hanging space

Five drawer vanity with extra large mirror

New Romantic Homes
Vintage office stamps

Another great photo by Colton

Neat old kitchen cabinet

Jeni has been busy crafting up some Halloween potions, great gift tag.

My Vintage Style

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Creative Creations or Really Cool Yard Decor?

This week I am very pleased to introduce yet another new dealer here at The Plum Tree. We are so excited that they are here and I think you will too. Their pieces are one of a kind and can't be found anywhere else in this area.

The name of their company is "Creative Creations" but I call it "really cool yard decor"

Jimmy and his wife Marlene use anything old like propane tanks, rusted garden tools, steel and re barb to create flowers, birdbaths & even animal. Some are brightly painted while others are left natural.

Not to be impartial, but the owl is my all time favorite. He is handcrafted from a propane tank, steel cut wings and his cheeks (do owls have cheeks?) are made from saw blades, but his best feature are his wire sanding disc eyes.

The following pieces are available at the Plum Tree and make great gifts for the gardener in your family!


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Great Words from 1926

I was reading some little books that one of our dealers dropped off recently. They are called NUGGETS and were published by "The Edward E. Fisher Company"
In this one particular book, from Sept. of 1926, there is a small paragraph called "A Model Business Code." I want to think this is the way I conduct by business, and if not will try harder to follow these very easy rules. Credit for these words of wisdom go to Antioch College, Ohio.
"Sound business is service which benefits all parties concerned. To take profit without contributing to essential welfare; to take excessive profit; to cater to ignorance; credulity; or human frailty; to debase taste or standards for profit; to use methods not inspired by goodwill and fair dealing - this is dishonor"
"Whenever I make or sell a product, or render a business service, it must be my best possible contribution to human well-being"
I will follow these rule everyday. My appreciation to all of my loyal customers, who deserve only the best.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Signs of a change or Dog Days of Summer

Is this really August? I can't believe the wonderful crispness in the mornings already.

Usually right after August, I start dreaming of fall, digging into all of my fall decor pulling out all the coppers and gold colors, planting mums & preparing the store for a new season.

Back to reality, this is Georgia and I am quite aware of the "Dog Days of Summer", so I won't get to excited yet.

Deborah just brought a whole shipment in from Tennessee so if you haven't been by, now is time.


More equestrian pieces, everything from a ladies side saddle to vintage book of National Velvet!

Beautiful Vintage Wedding Dress with extra long train

More Vintage Scales

Pretty Vintage Birdcage
This is such a pretty 3-pc. patio set, chairs newly upholstered
And some individual chair with pretty floral seats
Lots and lots of vintage and antique books

Vintage Prism lamps with shades

Really neat old wall mount 4-arm lamp ~ ready for your mini shades
or leave as is

Great old antique theatre seat

Violin ~ Uke
This is a wonderful old Eastlake bed reconstructed into an extra large extra deep bench with cushion. Very Comfortable