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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Summer Song Contest Number Two

I am a little late in getting the next Summer Song contest going, I have been rearranging the store and got carried away.
I have gathered up the prizes as you can see in the photo below. This prize consists of A Welcome Garden Flag and Post, Serenity Garden Citronella Incense, Garden Shed Metal Sign, Paradise Garden Refreshing Green Apple and Lime Bath Additive, A Garden Guided Journal and the Sweetest Concrete Sleeping Garden Bunny.

All songs this time will pertain to the Fourth of July and must have the word AMERICA either in the title or lyrics. Again each time you match one of the songs that I have chosen, your name will be entered in the drawing up to five times.

I will post the songs and the winner on the 7th of July, so get your answers in soon.
Remember to comment on this weeks blog with your guesses in order to be entered or email me at

Good Luck


Monday, June 22, 2009

And the Winner is...

Okay, the first part of our Summer Contest has come to an end. I asked Sharon my long time friend to do the drawing to be fair and square.
I am not sure if a lot of our readers realize they can post a comment even though they do not have a blog, so I got a lot of emails with the songs as well and that is fine, but just know you can always write a comment under Anonymous as long as you sign your name.

I appreciate all of you playing along it was a lot of fun and one of the songs I did not think you would get a few of you did. That song was Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows this is a real oldie.

Don't forget our next contest starts Wednesday and the details and prize photos will be posted then.

The winner of the SUNSHINE Summer contest is ...Faye K.

Faye if you will send me your email address or phone number so that I can get your mailing information.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Well our first Summer Contest is coming to a close. The drawing will be the 22nd and the winner will be announced.
For all of you who have entered, thank you for taking the time to play along, everyone had at least one song correct so all of you will be in the drawing.
Our next summer contest starts Tuesday June 24th, the new word will be announced then.
Stay Tuned!
To all Dad's out there, have a wonderful, relaxed Father's Day!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Exciting Summer Contest

I am excited to tell you about a contest we will be holding all summer long with wonderful prizes to brighten your day.

The rules are simple...

Every two weeks I will pick a summer word and 5 songs which that word will be in. The word could be in the title or in the lyrics.

I will send out the blog with the word starting this week
You will try to figure out which songs I have chosen that contain this word and comment on the blog with your selections.

If you get one song right you are entered once, and for each additional song you guess correctly you will be entererd up to 5 times.
I will post the songs I have chosen on my playlist at the end of two weeks and if you are entered, you just may win.

This weeks word is SUNSHINE

And the prize is this beautiful handmade sunshine garden stake in yellow, red and orange.
It measures 26" across and has a stake which makes it 70" high. A great addition to your summer garden.

Drawing for this prize will be held June 22nd


Many of you may not know we have a garden section outside the Plum Tree where we sell all kinds of unusual garden decor as well as concrete garden statues and accents. We have some of the best prices on our statuary around and each piece will bring you years of pleasure.

Precious Girl with Bird in Tobacco Road

Great old wagon wheel


This smiling leaf stained in sage green is 28" long x 12" wide, comes with embedded hook for hanging


2 pc. Cute 5-petal stem birdbath in October Oak

$36.00 SOLD

Another one Jimmy Hopkins designs, this beautiful hand cut steel butterfly with post


Our Plum Tree is in Bloom, I though our crop was big last year, but by the looks of it we doubled this year.

How cute are these pond duck, they measure 11" x 11"

$24.00 each

Blossom Birdbath in Sage
$49.00 SOLD

Life like flop earred bunny $ 22.00
Large Jack Rabbit in pewter dust