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Thursday, March 19, 2009

This week we are really excited about getting outside to work in the garden at The Plum Tree. I have placed my order for new concrete statuary, there are a lot of new pieces available this year that I am really excited about as well as some new stains we are trying out.

Joy has been busy planting some very unusual containers with some beautiful succulents and she is getting our outdoor bunkhouse ready as well.

After tomorrow, we will have our very own greenhouse in the garden ~ be sure to come by and take a look while Joy creates her outdoor magic.

Steampunk...what the heck is that you might ask, it's different things to different people. To me it means a complimentary mix of found items such as gears, knobs, iron, wood, or any material which is disposed of today. It is thinking out of the box, honoring the past. It is a beautiful Victorian ruffled blouse covered by tux and tails. Or soft velvet skirt with worn out surveyors boots. It is a beautiful long necklace with parts and pieces of old furniture hardware, watches, glasses, keys and beads. It is an era when people worked hard, made things last & had an appreciation for the craftsmanship. Steampunk is industrial but not unlike any piece of antique furniture...built to last.

Steampunk style iron and wood desk, makers plate dated 1937

Great selection of shelf collectibles
Vintage bird prints ready to frame and faux metal nest with eggs
Large selection of garden books

Pretty old stained glass window

This is a great old metal 4 drawer cabinet perfect for organizing your office

Vintage glove molds

Incredible mercury glass hanging light

New plantings now available

Large Old Chicken Coop $120.00 ~ won't last long

Great old wall clock now battery operated

Beautiful water features

Salt glazed German Pitchers

Wonderful old crusty pink sweetheart statue from old fountain

Neat old drying rack ~ lots of possibilities


Anonymous said...

Aha! Now I know what my style is (or at least what it WOULD be if hubby would allow it!)... steampunk. I like that!

Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault

Joy Lett said...

You actually used the word Steampunk on your site. I'm so proud. I may shed a tear. ;-) The greenhouse is wonderful and I can't wait to have fun!! Joy

Artsy Fartsy said...

Oh my gosh, love all your stuff and your blog, how much for the metal 4 drawer cabinet, it would work great for my jewelry making supplies, thanks Janna