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Saturday, March 07, 2009

This past week, my husband and I went back up to Bristol VA/TN to pick up a few items I had to leave behind on my trip because I did not bring my trailer and my car was packed. We left the day it snowed here in Georgia. My friends were sending me pictures of the snow, and here I was traveling and not seeing anything but rain. I was so jealous, we were all the way up in Franklin NC and all it did was rain. Well I finally did get my wish because as soon as we started over a mountain, it was snowing so hard and fast that the lines in the road were soon covered and cars were slipping all over the place. We got across safely and although it was scary there for awhile, it was so beautiful.

The following two pictures are the reason we traveled back north, I did not know it at the time I saw these pieces that they had some great history to them, Gayle the owner of the shop where I purchased them told me. The first one is a Baggage check-in desk from the Bristol VA train station it is from the late 20's early 30's and the second photos shows the travelers bench from the same station. These are both real treasures and I am so glad I went back for them. The check-in desk has already sold, but I wanted to show it to you.

We have lots of great old suitcases and travel bags dating from the 30's

The train lantern is one of the last one's made for the adlake kero company. It is a 300 model and is all original. It dates from the 60's. After this one was used they continued to make the lanterns, however they were for souvenir use only.

One of my dealers brought in the photo above and these great old train cars to complete our train station look.

This piece is made from all found parts to be recycled into this wonderful necklace. I took three photos so you could see all the pieces used, it is called "Chase Life", I love the way she used the old drawer pull as a base to hang all the trinkets from.
Click on the picture to see the detail

Here is another piece with all kinds of found treasures on it.

I just love all the vintage ladies attire and accessories. Everything from hats, purses, prints, and mannequins. Just a little bit of everything.

This piece is an old iron deskwith glass top. So unique, it fit right into our garden room. There is a slot above the knee hole and down the left side there are slots to store papers, and books. It could even be used as a planting table, when you're finished just rinse it off.

A new load of garden pieces

Cute little flower frog jars in metal stand and neat wire basket

This ladies secretary is so compact, perfect for a small spot in your kitchen or office.

Beautiful parlor set ~ ready to upholster or leave as is

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