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Saturday, December 06, 2008

This week I want to introduce you to 5 very talented young musicians. Their group is called First Tyme Out and after listening to their CD all day, I can attest they are incredible.
The five members are...
Lorie Gardner ~ fiddle and vocals
Laura Hildreth ~ fiddle and vocals
Dane Hildreth ~ Banjo, Guitar & Vocals
Joel Gardner ~ Bass
Charles Iner ~ Guitar and Vocals
If you want to put a wonderful CD in someones stocking this year, you can't go wrong with this one. Not only are they hometown McDonough talent, they are wonderful young adults.
CD's are available at the Plum Tree for $12.00

Now through Christmas, I am running a great furniture sale. This beautiful 1920's glass front mahogany china cabinet was $334.00
Now $265.00 Near perfect condition inside and out!

Nice small oak armoir was $375.00 Now $299.00
Several other pieces available

Lot's of Christmas decor still available
Butterfly carved trinket box
Cute little pincushions
Pretty vintage fabric stockings
Pretty pearl ornaments, perfect to tie on a package for that special someone.

Chunky necklaces

Vintage look jewelry

Adorable old fireplace clock with rotating logs that light
Open your Heart continued...

That night I could barely sleep just thinking about lunch tomorrow. There was so much more to learn about Lucy Cole and I wanted to know everything.
I haven’t mentioned any of this to my family yet, I thought it would be best since my Mom would probably say I was getting way in over my head or not allow me to ever step foot in the store again. I am a good judge of character I thought, so for now it would remain my little secret.

Since I worked at a bakery on Saturdays and going to school , I was getting the hang of getting up early. Dad drove me to work on Saturdays and always came in to treat me to my favorite pastry and orange juice while he drank a cup a coffee. Most of the time I helped in the kitchen, however I was always allowed to pack up my Dad’s order to take home.

Since this was a special day for me, I made sure to ask Mrs. Gambino if I could take just a little longer lunch then usual, of course she wanted to know why. Well I have some deliveries to make this afternoon and thought while I was out I could run an errand I fibbed. I knew she really didn’t mind, but she liked to keep tabs on me just the same.

The morning flew by; I was busy cleaning the big mixers, when I noticed it was getting close to noon. I finished quickly, placed my order for two fresh bagels and cream cheese and checked on the other deliveries I had to make. My first stop was the newspaper, that was easy; they ran a tab so I just had to drop that one off, next was the pharmacy and then on to see Bill.
When I came through the door, he was helping some ladies, giving a quick wave, he continued with his conversation. After wrapping their purchases and helping them to the car, he declared “I’m starving, you made it just in time.” We both decided the Gambino’s made the best ever bagels and as we smothered them in cream cheese he said, “Now where were we?”

“Oh yes, I was telling you about Mom’s elderly store!” “Well at first it was definitely a struggle, it was hard for her to buy and sell when that was her only income, however she started getting better at it and soon she had a lot of repeat customers and it just grew from there.” “Many times I have asked her why she doesn’t move out of this old place and find something more modern?” She always said "the building just felt right for the business, and the business felt right for the building." Besides that, Mom’s not one for change so when she is settled in, she is not about to convert.

“Tell me Katy, why does my Mother intrigue you so?” I was not quite sure how to answer, but I finally said, I would like to be her friend, she seems sad and I want to bring some happiness to her life. “Well that is very generous of you, many young girls such as yourself are boy crazy and thinking about going on their first date or driving their first car.” I didn’t tell him I did think of those things as well, but I also think there is too many lonely people in the world that just need a friend.
We didn't get to talk long, he filled me in on a few of Lucy's favorite things, a little about what she liked and didn't and before you knew it, lunch was over and I had to get going.
Bill said he would probably be back a few days closer to Christmas to help out, and I was glad to hear it since I really liked him a lot and would hate to never see him again.
Just as I was backing out the door to leave, a smile came over Bill's face and as I turned to see what he was smiling at I slammed right into you know who!
Stuttering and stumbling for something to say, Bill quickly came to my rescue and I was for the first time, properly introduced to Lucy Cole.
To my surprise, she greeted me warmly and actually smiled, I was so shocked I think I actually curtsied. Bill said "Katy is on her way back to work so we should not hold her up." As I turned to leave, I said it was nice meeting you but until I reached the door she did not respond and when she did, she said...

to be continued


Anonymous said...

This is drawing me in like a tv "soap" what did she say? I guess I can wait another week! BTW Love the new pic at the to of page!

Anonymous said...

As always, I'm enjoying this story! Oh yeah, what's up with the new store next to you, I think its called Blumen Trio? Those guys have some nice things in their store!