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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

13 Shopping Days Left

Only 13 Shopping Days left until good Ole' Saint Nicholas arrives, and The Plum Tree has perfect gift items for that someone special on your list.

From now until Christmas, everyone that recieves the blog will get 10% off all purchases marked STORE or CHP
Please let me know you saw this special on the blog

Last Sunday I worked at Ms. Wendy's in Brooks for her Christmas Open House. I am so glad that some of our Plum Tree customers came out for the event.
I hope you got to visit her new store as well.

Have a great weekend ~ hope to see you soon!

Great old sled for holiday porch decor

Just in...this beautiful mahogany bookcase with hidden drawer


Neat Old Record Cabinet

Lots of vintage suitcases ~ Stack em up for a unique side table
Cute little ceramic heater

Antique Typewriter
Great Arts and Craft dresser with mirror
Oak buffet

This large brass tray makes a great container for table display

Don't forget gifts for the outdoors

Antique Men's Dress Form

Cute Vintage Look Christmas decor

Neat old white cabinet

Open your Heart ~ continued

“ Katy, I do hope you liked the gift I sent you on Thanksgiving?” “I was not able to make it and thought it would help you understand, did you know it was from me?” Feeling a lump form in my throat, I ran back to give her a big hug and whispered “thank you!” Heading back to the door, I paused and turned to see Bill putting his arm around his mother and guiding her into the store.

When I got back to the bakery, I was pleased to see that Mrs. Gambino had taken the remainder of the day off. Mr. Gambino with his frosting covered apron, was sitting in a corner booth drinking coffee and reading the newspaper, while Francine busied herself behind the counter. I headed back into the kitchen to finish washing up all of the baking pans and putting utensils back in place. Mr. Gambino liked it that way; he hated having to search for something, which would slow him down. When I was through, Francine asked if she could drop me at home, I gladly accepted.

I was looking forward to Sunday, I normally went to Sunday School with my neighbors, read the funny papers, and watch a Western or two with Dad. Monday was back to school, at least for a few more days until we were let out for Christmas vacation.

Sunday came, however my mind was not on the Western we picked out, I was thinking about the next time I would see Lucy Cole. Chances are it would be next Saturday, but for some reason I felt as if things would go back to the way they were if I didn’t see her sooner. I had the perfect solution for my anxiety; I would mail her a thank you letter.

As I pulled my stationary out looking at the kitten lined paper, I wondered how she could have known about my love of cats. My room was filled with them, glass, plastic, ceramic, stuffed and photos of pets past and present.

Dear Mrs. Cole, I started; “I want to officially thank you for the black cat figure, now that I know who sent it. I was hoping all along it was you but I could not be sure. I can’t imagine how you knew I loved cats and was so delighted when I opened the box. She now stands proudly with the rest of my collection.”

“My time spent in your store these last two days with your son were fun, he is very nice and funny and I can’t wait to see him again. I am also very pleased that I was finally introduced to you.” I was trying to sound pleasant in my letter, not too inquisitive or letting on how much more I knew about her, even though I am sure Bill may spill the beans. After a few more lines, I finished the letter with “Your Friend, Katy”

Folding it ever so neatly, I pulled out an envelope, got a stamp from Mom, and addressed it from memory seeing the big 32 over the door. The rest was easy it was the same street and city as the bakery.

Back at school, friends said they missed me at the mall. I always met up with them at some time to shop after Thanksgiving, however this year I wanted something more relaxed instead of the hustle and bustle of the crowds and spending money on something that really had no meaning. The week went by fairly quickly, I checked with Francine on Friday to see if I was needed at the bakery. She said I was scheduled at 1:00 PM so that gave me plenty of time to visit Lucy Cole.

to be continued...


Elina said...

I too have almost completed my shopping list for Christmas, only have to make a visit at Home Depot for wreaths.

Rowann said...

Love the new blog header... Merry Christmas ....Rowann