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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Signs of a change or Dog Days of Summer

Is this really August? I can't believe the wonderful crispness in the mornings already.

Usually right after August, I start dreaming of fall, digging into all of my fall decor pulling out all the coppers and gold colors, planting mums & preparing the store for a new season.

Back to reality, this is Georgia and I am quite aware of the "Dog Days of Summer", so I won't get to excited yet.

Deborah just brought a whole shipment in from Tennessee so if you haven't been by, now is time.


More equestrian pieces, everything from a ladies side saddle to vintage book of National Velvet!

Beautiful Vintage Wedding Dress with extra long train

More Vintage Scales

Pretty Vintage Birdcage
This is such a pretty 3-pc. patio set, chairs newly upholstered
And some individual chair with pretty floral seats
Lots and lots of vintage and antique books

Vintage Prism lamps with shades

Really neat old wall mount 4-arm lamp ~ ready for your mini shades
or leave as is

Great old antique theatre seat

Violin ~ Uke
This is a wonderful old Eastlake bed reconstructed into an extra large extra deep bench with cushion. Very Comfortable


Faith's Vintage Vanity said...

Hey Cindy!
Have you gone and bumped your head or something? I actually hear Enya playing. Now come on, you gave me such a hard time with my music....Whats going on?


At Home In Georgia said...

Holy cow that music scared me to death. It had Steve and I rolling! What happened to Andy Griffith and friends?