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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Great Words from 1926

I was reading some little books that one of our dealers dropped off recently. They are called NUGGETS and were published by "The Edward E. Fisher Company"
In this one particular book, from Sept. of 1926, there is a small paragraph called "A Model Business Code." I want to think this is the way I conduct by business, and if not will try harder to follow these very easy rules. Credit for these words of wisdom go to Antioch College, Ohio.
"Sound business is service which benefits all parties concerned. To take profit without contributing to essential welfare; to take excessive profit; to cater to ignorance; credulity; or human frailty; to debase taste or standards for profit; to use methods not inspired by goodwill and fair dealing - this is dishonor"
"Whenever I make or sell a product, or render a business service, it must be my best possible contribution to human well-being"
I will follow these rule everyday. My appreciation to all of my loyal customers, who deserve only the best.

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