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Thursday, February 07, 2008

This week, please help me welcome another new member to the Plum Tree ~Sylvia. Sylvia is sharing a room with Joy and her knack for finding treasures is incredible.
Welcome Sylvia!

What I wouldn't do for the warm weather we had this past weekend. Spring Fever is defintely in the air. All of the ladies at the Plum Tree have been bringing in new things daily and the store is so full it is bursting at the seams. Everyone has their own passion and style and it works so well in the store.

Handmade items are my favorite, I feel they tell a story about who the person who makes them. Jeni's stitcheries are some of my favorite. She is offering a sweet lavender stitchery pillow, just like the one she gave me for my Birthday last year. I just love it! We have some of the cutest one of a kind Easter pieces this year. Sharon brought in some more pieces tonight, her first load is almost gone.

Once upon a time there was a blue bird that loved flying. This blue bird was not just any bluebird..he was the bluebird of happiness and wherever he flew, he brought people good fortune.

Great Old Water Cooler
Lot's of childrens chairs

~ Charming Bird Candle Holder ~
Vintage baby frame

I don't normally put the price of something down in the blog, however this desk is so neat, it has lots of compartments, big enough to hold a laptop, and would fit any room decor ~ with chair Only $135.00
As most of you know, Dawn has been quite busy creating and selling her great pieces of art at the Plum Tree and on line at her Etsy store. However, recently she entered a contest on the blogsite Charming Sam Studios. This contest will end on the 13th of February and of course we wish Dawn the best, so go take a look at the entries and vote on your favorite as well. (pssst...Dawn's is the best!)

Cute Garden Decor

Wonderful little chippy cabinet


Michelle said...

Hi Cindy,
how much is the little frame in the bluebird photo that we see only three eggs can I see the whole image please. Thank you !!
I have a question that if you don't want to put it's ok.
I have a framing boutique here in quebec Canada.
I have one artisan who is a friend who sells her wares in my boutique, I would like to ask other artisans also.
What Mark up do you take of their wares ? Or do you just charge a monthly or annuel fee?
Artisans here seem to be reluctant with a 50% Markup or any for that matter? How do you go about with all your great artist? If I'm not being to discret.
I'll be looking forward to your response.Wish I lived closer to go shop and visit your boutique.

For Love of Home said...

Michelle, Please send me an email to so that I can get your email address. I can not reply to your comment.

Lady Em said...

The store looks so good!! Brent and I might be up there next weekend, and I am stopping by!! Can ya'll just let me move in?
I see an old fan peeking out in one of the pictures. How much is that? I have a thing for old fans!!