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Thursday, January 31, 2008

News from The Plum Tree

This week, please help me welcome Karin of Meandering Travels of Mindless Thoughts to the Plum Tree. Karin is sharing a room with Dawn and she is quite a talented artist so please stop by and see her work.
Welcome Karin!

Also this week Emily and I worked on the new garden section and are very pleased with the way things are turning out. Some of the pieces you will know just where you would want to place them in your garden, others like the one below could take a little imagination, however we have some great ideas to share.

Take a look and enjoy!


madrekarin said...

I just popped in to see what lovelies you had up and saw your sweet welcome. Thank you, Cindy! I hope to have many more little tidbits to bring in soon. I am busy making roses and a few other things that I hope you will like.
See you soon. :)

cindy said...

It's just ADORABLE! I love a funky garden antique look! I wish I lived closer, would definetly be shopping there! : )