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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Clean Sweep

This week I have been busy getting the Christmas packed away, cleaning, dusting, patching and moving things around to get ready for the painter this weekend.

I can't believe how many holes were actually in the walls, and I'm still not done, but there is always tomorrow.

After the painting is complete, my plan is to get ready for Spring. As a store owner, I tend to focus more on the seasons, and less on the holidays knowing that my great dealers will fill the store with wonderful things that characterize the holidays. Of course one of our favorites in the store is Spring since the majority of us love gardening and garden related items make such an appealing display that lasts into the late Summer.

If you check out Dawn's blog, The Feathered Nest, you will get a sneak peek of what she will be offering this spring. Her ideas are great, her room will look awesome but that is all I am willing to tell for now.

With things in such disaray, I will wait to post pictures next week, however I do want to show you something I just couldn't pass up. I believe it is all original, not in the worst shape as I have seen some, and it still has it's hose. If you click to enlarge the photo you can see the firemans helmet on top of the bell.

See you soon!


Adla said...

What a wonderful blog and such an intriguing shop. Glad I stumbled upon it.It is all so magical! Wishing you a happy new year.

kind regards, Adla at

Dona said...

Love that fire truck. I had one as a child. Yes the tomboy here. Brought back some great memories.

Thanks Dona