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Thursday, December 06, 2007

News from The Plum Tree

The Plum Tree Antiques
I have wanted an antique store for as long as I can remember. I have sold and still do sell in other stores over the years, and even though I enjoyed most, it is still not the same as having a place you can call your own.
Many of you remember Marti who with a lot of hard work and TLC brought a very dilapidated building into her dream ...The Plum Tree almost 13 years ago. Years later, Dawn started selling as a dealer and eventually Marti turned the store over to her. She worked very hard to make it her own and put her touch on it. She also worked long hours with very little time to herself and her family, so almost 3 years ago I became Dawns partner but two years later she decided she wanted to do something different and therefore The Feathered Nest
and Dawns creative side flourished.
Now The Plum Tree is mine, the dream I always had has finally come true. After the beginning of the year I am going to put my own touch on it. I hope to keep seeing all of the wonderful customers and the friends I have made over the years as well as make new ones along the way.
I truly appreciate all of you for patronizing The Plum Tree from the very beginning because if it weren't for you, I would have never seen my dream come true.
Thank you
For the longest time we have had this great old screen door hanging from the ceiling in the main room. Most don't notice it, however when they do the comments are always "Wow what a great idea". Of course we have light weight flower bunches hanging from it because we are not sure what the ceiling will hold. But use your imagination and the possibilities are endless.
Great old green wooded door
Scoop is a great new magazine about the people and places in Henry County. It is great reading and you can pick up your premier at The Plum Tree. Ahhhhhhh

These are great old monogrammed hankies in sweet vintage frames... Great teacher or hostess gift.

Dawn has really been busy this season creating some wonderful one of a kind Christmas ornaments. Her talents are endless and in the following photos you will see some of her creations. Dawn has her own Etsy site where she sells her creations too. Of course you can always find something of hers at The Plum Tree. Check her out on her own blog pageThe Feathered Nest

These are just gorgeous, starting out with no more then a styrofoam ball and ripped muslin, Dawn created these unbelievable Christmas ornaments.

And of course there are always the more primitive style~too cute!

The sepia tone of these vintage items makes me think of my Grandmothers photo albums

Remember those old 78 record albums, they were so thick you could barely lift a stack of records. This is one of the original Lionel Barrymore "Christmas Carol" four album set, in wonderful condition. Probably not many of these left.
We have so many talented artist selling at the Plum Tree. One of them is Jeni who creates these adorable one of a kind handmade stitchery pillows. Sitting in a bowl of candy canes or Christmas cards they are sure to add delight to your Christmas decor.

Doesn't this say it all?
Cute old doll crib now a re-purposed peg rack
Great gift ideas
We have a wonderful selection of decorative glassware, for example this reproduction cranberry glass would add a beautiful festive touch.