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Friday, January 30, 2009

Shorter days are passing by & with each day no matter the weather we notice the sun is staying in the sky longer.

Week by week the days get longer, although we may not be aware of the change we notice leaves budding out on bushes and trees.

The grass starts turning green and fragile flowers start pushing through the warm earth. Soon it will be Spring and as we dust off the cold and dreary days, we start planning on what seems like a brand new year.

As promised the Plum Tree has been gathering some unique garden pieces. So if you are in the mood to start collecting what you need or just want to come in and dream we are ready for you.

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Joy Lett said...

Looks Great. Love the signs. And as always the displays are Purrr-fect.

cindy said...

Everything looks just adorable! One of these days I will have to get up that way in person!


Rowann said...

LOVE all the GREAT GARDEN GOODIES.... Hope I get TO visit SOON !

Charlene said...

Do you still have the blue & white bird dishes? Love them. Also, Dawn showed a picture of a lamp from your shop. Has 2 lights on it & birds on branches. If you don't mind... let me know prices of both these things. Thanks