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Thursday, November 06, 2008

We had the best time at our first Open House this past Sunday. I want to personally thank every one that came and made our day lots of fun!
Everyone raved about Jay's Brunswick stew, it had just enough kick to tingle your taste buds. We will be getting his recipe up next week for those of you who requested it.

I want to thank Joy, Denise 1 and Denise 2 who came and hung out all day to help and bring tasty treats, and to Emily who also brought by some goodies although she was not able to stay.
We got so many great compliments on how beautiful the store is, it always makes me feel good to know that the work we all put into it does not go unnoticed.

Our next Open House is Sunday November 16th, and this time you will be treated to my own personal Chili recipe although I know Jay is a hard act to follow.

I am only posting a few pictures this week, however next week I will post more prior to the Open House. We hope to see you there!

Libby just dropped Santa off today, he is in great shape, probably from the 1950's. We also have a sweet little angel, 2 lamp posts and a choir boy all from the same time period and all in working condition.

These adorable Santa's are made out of some sort of bristly material, they are also dated around the 50's. Our Christmas Room is not only decked out to the ceiling, it smells awesome with our Christmas Memories candles - we sold out of them the first week. ~ More coming ~
This is another piece that Libby dropped off today. It is an incredible painted vintage window depicting bunnies in the snow. We have it sitting in the window and when the sun shown through, it looked almost life like.
Great old miniature sewing table with printed measuring guide These angels are some collectibles pieces I picked up. They are just beautiful and we only have these three left. What a wonderful gift they will make.
I have decided to sell my old cash register. It still works great.
1940's White Cedar ~ Cedar chest with pop up drawer, ready to be refinished.
Just one of the beautiful embellished ornaments we have.

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