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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Once again we had a wonderful Open House, a great turn out and a lot of new customers. We appreciate everyone's business, especially in these times. This week you will be seeing some of the great pieces that our newest dealer, Denise Coulter creates. She is quite the artist, crafter, painter and quilter.

Below is just one of the great fall pieces she created, perfect for your Thanksgiving decor. This is a large oval grapevine wreath with a dyed wool pumpkin which gives it a vintage appeal, and only $14.50Still plenty of fall decor to warm your home, Jeni has been busy doing more of her fall stitcheries. These make wonderful hostess gifts.

Next we have some original watercolors by Heather Ozee, these are called "Preserving the South" The background has the handwritten recipe with a warm wash over it. There are 4 pieces in this set. Prints are also available unframed.

Another cute wool pumpkin on an old thread spool, by Denise

My Home Town~ Open Your Heart ~ continued from last week

What a wonderful day it turned out to be. Great food, lots of laughter and sharing memories of Thanksgivings past, when Dad stated as he did every year, "this was the best Thanksgiving of them all," I agreed. Our family was keen on tradition and as always we shared Thanksgiving desert with our neighbors. It was like an extended family gathering, and by the end of the day I was so tired bedtime sounded good to me. Suddenly I remembered the package and the fact that my guest never arrived.

After saying my good nights, I went to my room, sat on the bed and held the package examining each side for a clue of who the sender might be. Almost afraid to open it, I carefully pulled down the paper bag wrapping and when each side was opened I gently folded the paper and put it aside. Inside the wrap was a yellowed and tattered box that once held a pair of baby shoes from Buster Brown. Heart pounding, I slowly lifted the top, inside was a shiney black ceramic cat with emerald cut glass eyes lying on a bed of cotton. Immediately I knew where it came from, but who would have sent it?

The next morning I couldn’t wait to get going, it was the biggest shopping day before Christmas and I already knew what I was going to buy each member of my family, I received my $31.00 check just the day before Thanksgiving and was ready to go. Jumping on the city bus, I headed to town where my first stop was the little antique shop. I reached for the door, and pushed down the latch but no matter how hard I pushed, the door would not open. Trying one more time, I cupped my hands together and peered through the glass. Normally the darkness inside was normal, but this time it made a chill run down my back.

I walked away feeling so sad I just wanted to go back home and jump into bed. However I had a list and a mission, so off I went. One street over was the music shop where I planned to pick up a new set of guitar strings for my sister. Walking back I noticed the back door of the antique shop was slightly open. I watched for a few minutes to see if anyone came out but after a while I decided to take a look myself. Walking cautiously to the door, I called out “hello” but there was no sound, once again I called out and this time I heard a faint sound coming from inside. Not wanting to walk in, I waited until the door swung open and a young man I had never seen came out. Not knowing what to say, I muttered, are you going to open today? He looked at me with the same gray eyes and stepping aside, said "you must be Katy."

Not waiting for me to answer, he continued “I had an early morning delivery and didn’t quite make it back in time to get the shop open; I was told you might be by!” Not wanting him to see the confused look on my face; I brushed past him into the main part of the store. After the lights were on, I made my way to my special section where I knew I would find something perfect for Mom and Grandma. Although I knew my Mom would say, “keep your hands to yourself”, I just had to touch each item ever so carefully.

“You let me know if I can get something down for you,” the man said. Alarmed by his voice I almost lost my grasp on the small dog statue I was holding. “I think my Mother will like this,” I said placing it gently on the counter. I would still like to look around a bit more. “Take you time” he said.

After several more minutes, I made my purchase and as I was turning to leave, he said, “you know, she talks about you.” Stopping dead in my tracks, not wanting to turn around, I muttered huh? “My Mom, she really does like you!" I slowly turned back to face him and when he smiled I could tell he was going to tell me more.

To be continued…

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Karen said...

Oh my... I don't know if I can wait to hear the ending to this story. It is very suspenseful and I am really enjoying it!