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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Road Trip ! Yee Haw

Well it's that time again, I need to get out, so it's Road Trip Time! Thank goodness the gas prices are so low, I might make it as far as the other side of Atlanta.

Well one good thing, my Economic Stimulus Check will be going right back into the economy, and all those unsuspecting places don't even know I'm coming.

I will be leaving Saturday and be back on Monday. I haven't planned out a trip yet, I guess I will go where the wind takes me. So in the mean time, I hope you enjoy this weeks blog.

These great old apothecary drawers are perfect to slide on a small shelf to hold your bathroom items or recipes in the kitchen. Label holder to remind you what's inside.

Plenty of old suitcases ~ stack em up to create a unique side table or bed side stand

Vintage Light Bulbs

Old Baseballs

Beautiful Scrap Book Cover ~ Perfect for an altered art project

Professor Dudston, your tie is crooked
Lot's of little clocks
I love this old photo ~ shows a man posing with a cigarette in his mouth.
Nice heavy restroom signs
Old Headboard Insert
Paul de Longpre Print in neat old chippy frame
Vintage Poodle ~ Needs good home
Extra Large Stoneware Platter

Well that's it for now...See you when I get back!


Joy said...

Old light bulbs- What a bright idea!
Missed the store - hope your trip was good.

Anonymous said...

Please come visit us.
New store; Little Mountain Unlimited Antiques/Garden/Gifts
Main St Little Mountain South Carolina (just 'bove Columbia)803-345-6440
15,000sq ft plus garden AND produce in next 2 weeks
Ltl Mtn Unlmtd

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Could you please e-mail me the price of the drawers and the old scrapbook?
My email is
Thank you, Nita