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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Container Gardening

Thanks to all of you that came out for our Earth Day Celebration and congratulations to all who won our Earth Day door prizes. We had some very interesting questions asked and answered by our Master Gardener and gave away all of our sunflowers and day lilies.
This week, we are focusing on "Container Gardening"! Since gardening has been and will be the number one past times for many people. Working in dirt, planting tree, shrubs, flowers and lawns takes time, dedication and a little bit of knowledge.
With the water ban last year, I noticed a drop in sales of garden statuary alone, not to mention what the nurseries felt. However, with a little bit of creativity and some left over bath or dish water, container gardening has hit an all time high.
Container gardening makes it possible for anyone to have a great garden. Obstacles such as water bans, too much or too little shade, space and poor soil can be overcome with a container garden. Part of the fun of container gardening is that anything can be used as your container. Found objects such as an old typewriter, discarded boot, watering cans, mail boxes and even an old high chair used with discretion can all add personality to your garden.
Plum Tree offers container gardens from the sleek to the unusual, ready to add color to a bed of hosta, or tucked here and there to attract humming birds and butterflies. Using left over bath or dish water is a great way to quench your plants, the soap won't hurt them and will actually repel some bugs. However. when watering any plants which will be consumed such as vegetables and herbs it is not wise to use water which contain high levels of phosphate.

Vintage Bird Cage

What a great garden gate or trellis this old twin headboard would make in your garden

Old wash stand used for a outdoor planter...complete with hand towel

Vintage mailbox

Old Strainer

Decorated carved birds And Bunnies

Need additional display space, add an old shutter over your windows with antique iron brackets

Beautiful Vintage Print
Incredible drop leaf table with original decals and paint.
What a cute little cabinet, perfect for an outdoor room or drop in a sink and you have an instant vintage bathroom piece.
Nice little cafe table and chairs

Romantic Homes now on sale $1.00 off cover price!


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Cindy, I want to start buying my mags from you, I'll email you later about that. Everything looks awesome as always, T

Faith's Vintage Vanity said...

Love all the containers, espcially the boot!


Joy said...

Everything looks great. I so missed my "fix" last week. Going to the Festival today in Gay hoping to find some good containers. Saw the Tattered Cat's Blog- I just love Deborah's taste. The table was too wide but on the right track. I've been working on some signs for the bunny garden and new ideas for the garden. See ya tomorrow. Joy

Daisys Little Cottage said...

Everything is just gorgeous! O how I do wish I lived nearby!
Thanks for spreading beauty Cindy,