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Thursday, July 26, 2007

We're having a sale!!

We're having a sale at The Plum Tree! All of our gardening items are discounted to make room for FALL!! Can you believe it is creeping up on us? Only a week left before school starts and Cindy and I are excited about changing the store around. Please stop by to see what's on sale ~ we're pricing to sell, so hurry while supplies last! Wow, that sounded like a commercial . . .

We do hope that you and your families are doing wonderful and that summer has treated you well. We're thankful for all of the rain we've had lately here in McDonough and it has definitely helped our herbs and flowers thrive. Thank you for viewing our blog and as always, we hope to see you soon!


From Out of the Past said...

Great site!

anita said...

Do you have any of the vintage childrens garden tools left? I had seen them on a previous post this summer/spring.