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Thursday, July 19, 2007

We are kindred spirits . . .

All of us, who love old things, are kindred spirits. That is the common thread that helps us understand each other. When you come into The Plum Tree and speak of your love of old things and how you want to decorate your home with these things, we know what you mean.

The objects that Cindy and I surround ourselves with are gentle reminders of the past and we love them. When you enter our door we know that you love them too. I've found that as time passes, slowly but surely, I am replacing items in my home with the worn, old, antique items with character. That is what we both love, the character. Any new piece of furniture can have a perfect, flawless finish. But these old pieces of furniture, where the edges are rounded with wear, a handmade latch may have been added or paint may be missing in a certain area . . . it makes you wonder, "where has this been in the past? Who may have used it in their home such a long time ago?"

Wonderful character. Every old thing has a story ~ we may not know the story, but we can imagine it and appreciate it.

We hope to see you soon at The Plum Tree . . .


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh how I know exactly what you mean!!!! I have loved old things and have been collecting since I was tiny. I would go antiquing with my mother, aunt and granny and found it fascinating... I never got bored and would absorb everything. I would decorate and redecorate my room making up little displays and vignettes. I truly love your blog and enjoy so much looking at the relaxing! We all really do have a special bond! Living in NY, I doubt I will ever make it to your lovely shop but you never know. In the meantime I will continue looking forward to reading and looking at our blog each day...Thank you! Jennifer

thevintageboquet said...

Our own imagination takes us to places afar as well as what/where we imagine our antique/vintage pieces have been..I love,love your photos and there are several things I see that are sweet reminders of times past..the wonderful embroidered floral bouquet basket scarf hanging on a green distressed door is something I would love to have..Can you give me a price quote? Any other long embr. scarfs w/basket bouquets?
These are a fav. collections thing for me..Thanks in advance your blogs...Deb