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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday, July 26th

Beautiful old things have a way of tugging at your heart


Joelle said...

I love all your treasures & inspiring pictures. I have 5 girls. we live in Clumbia, Sc. how do you do it all? too many things to do & not enough time. you must not sleep either?
by the way... I have that table in the bottom picture. I had a guy make it for me. with the carrot legs etc... I forgot all about it until now. I should get it out & redo it. it has been sooo long. & doing what i do... I get bored easy & create new things & move on. im sure this is covered with other chairs or tables. : ) haha. it was fun & diff. I think I need to make it with more of a softer side/more muted colors & vintage shabby cottage appeal then the original. if i get to it... i'll show you.
Best wishes ~
Enjoy the rest of your summer with your children!
Joelle xo

anita said...

What book is this in the last picture? Love the pics!