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Thursday, April 26, 2007

May is just around the corner!!!

Can you believe next week it will already be May? Our 30th Annual Geranium Festival will soon be here! We've been preparing, cleaning and gathering our goodies ~ and even holding back a few treasures just for that special day. Cindy and I both, and all of our sweet dealers, hope you will be able to be with us that day.

Call a friend, mark your calendars

Saturday, May 19th from 9:00 till 5:00.

As you know, we add new items every single week. We'd love to see you and have you take a look at all the things we've added to the store this week.

Thank you all for being the loyal, wonderful customers that you are!!


Joy said...

Ms. Dawn- I can tell you've been hard at work making pretties?? And it's hard to believe someone has not bought everything off Ms.Cindy's front porch display. Miss you-- joy

Gypsy Purple said...

Always a pleasure to visit your stunning blog...such inspiration...