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Thursday, March 08, 2007

March 8th, 2007


annie said...

what a sweet shop...makes me miss mine. my husband always said it was my canvas...and he was right. when i first opened it, he would ask so how did you do? meaning $$$$, and i would always say...i don't know...but, i met the neatest ladies from topeka or wherever! realizing that i was in "it" for something not tangible...but, for the treasured visitors that crossed my path. i know y'all know what i am speaking of. dan's question changed after a while to "who did you meet today"? and then the stories would just flow. wish i could just stop in and say hi to you both!...thanks for visiting my little means alot! take care...annie

Dawn Edmonson & Cindy Haire-Pallon said...

Thank you so much, Annie. You are so right! Our little store is a gathering place, a place to relax, unwind, talk about how you're feeling, and just have visit with each and every customer. We have an amazing group of regular customers, too! Thank you again! Take care, Cindy & Dawn